Still here…

Another busy week almost over, and finally a bit of free time to write something here. Couldn’t really do some serious research on new sounds, so here are just some bits and bobs:

MAPS will have a new album out soon. It will be called Turning The Mind, and the first single Let Go Of The Fear is now streaming on MySpace, or available at various download-stores. Kind of curious what it will sound like… We Can Create was a really fantastic album!

The Lunar Pilots is a UK Band and delivers some quite appealing indie-rock-tunes with just a hint of synth. Their latest EP Perfect Dream/Only You has just been released and is available at download-stores. Here are two songs off the EP, and you can find more information on their MySpace.

The Lunar Pilots – Perfect Dream (MP3)
The Lunar Pilots – Hollow Tunes (MP3)

I really should get a grip on my MySpace-Account, but I found it very painful lately to crawl through all that news and listen to all the music that I apparently should. And some of those artist sites are really terribly designed so that I’m already turned off before I’ve even heard the first notes of the music. Well… I guess I have to do it anyway soon. Keep your fingers crossed…

So let’s see what Last.FM recommends:

a new demo-track by great Florida band The Monday Photo: Tale Of Hope (MP3)

and a demo by Letting Up Despite Great Faults: In Steps (MP3)

and a nice, summery indiepop-tune by Jamie Long: Years (The Sound Of Arrows Remix) (MP3)

That’s it for now, hope next week will be better!

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