Rambling Along On A Friday Night

Just watched the season finale of Scrubs, and what a fine ending it was. I definitely will miss this series. The most beautiful scene was at the ending; I thought I knew most songs from Peter Gabriel, but I’ve heard this beauty for the first time:


In my defence: the song was originally written for Shall We Dance?, a movie with Jennifer Lopez in it… so no wonder I missed it! But it came to me tonight at last, and that’s good!

Another song that I currently can’t get enough from is Collapse/Collide from Archive‘s new album, Controlling Crowds. The slow build-up to the climax is just magnificient, and when the song hits it at about 5:35, I get chills all over! You’ll read about Controlling Crowds soon on this blog, but for now, enjoy this:

Schallgrenzen-Peter as well as Mars-Merz recently recommended Scarlet Youth, a German-Finnish shoegaze band who has just released a wonderful EP. And with the two above videos, I’ve probably brought you in the right melancholic mood to fully enjoy these atmospheric sounds. Visit both blogs for streams and downloads.

This Belgian guy here is making big waves in Europe with his cover of 50 Cent’s Ayo Technology. And I have to admit that Milow has done something really cool with the song (even more so after I’ve listened to the crappy original by Fiffy…). But here’s another one which I like even better; for Ayo Technology, visit Milow’s MySpace.

Milow – You Don’t Know (MP3)

Uhh… another new demo by those fabulous Swedes Degrees. And again, this is perfectly pure pop pleasure. Really… if you still haven’t checked them out it’s definitely time to do it now! You can still download their B-Sides for free here or on Last.FM.

Degrees – Act Strong And Bring It On (MP3)


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