Comments Are Good!

Especially when they recommend such things!

Aardvark directed me to a German band yesterday, and I’m glad he (or she?) did because there was a little gem waiting for me. The band’s name is Cantaloup, and is mainly the project of one Thomas Peters. He creates spheric and mysterious soundscapes, on some songs with the help of singer Eva Paul, whose beautiful voice adds a lot to the melancholy and overall feel. There’s a bit of shoegaze, lots of ambient, and now and then a hint of post-rock in Cantaloup‘s music. Best part is that the not only the 2006 debut, Tonight It Shows, but also their latest offering from 2008, On A Hill Not Far Away, are available for absolutely nothing! In glorious 320Kbps, and including artwork. You’d be a fool not to take this offer, as you might really miss some of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard in a long time. You know what to do, don’t you?
Bandsite @ Aerotone (more infos, all MP3s)

From Tonight It Shows, 2006:

Cantaloup – Jonathan Falls Into Sleep (MP3)
Cantaloup – Windchimes (MP3)

Tonight It Shows, complete album (ZIP)

From On A Hill Not Far Away, 2008:

Cantaloup – When My Girl Walks Through This Garden (MP3) (highly recommended!)
Cantaloup – Wake Up Call (Hoodwink Remix) (MP3)

On A Hill Not Far Away, complete album (ZIP)

And thanks again, Aardvark, for this tipp!


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