Digging Out The Bones

This week was a series of work-piles, blogger-takedowns and holiday preparations, and that should be enough to serve as an excuse for the lack of posts. So now I’m gonna give you a bunch of music to listen to. Danish band I Am Bones has opened the vault and offers about two full albums worth of fine music: there’s a 2004 EP, complete demos from their latest album, and also some outtakes and oddities. It’s all nicely packed into one ZIP-file, complete with descriptions of the stuff. And if that isn’t enough, I’m linking you to these songs here from past and present works. Start digging!!!


The ZIP! (108 MB)

From The Greater Good, 2007:
I Am Bones – Zeitgeist (MP3)
I Am Bones – The Main Thing Is To Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing (MP3)

From Wrong Numbers Are Never Busy, 2005:
I Am Bones – Building Hospitals (MP3)
I Am Bones – Talk To The Hand (MP3)
I Am Bones – The Ostrich Approach (MP3)

I Am Bones – Let’s Leave The City (Remix By Morten Riis) (MP3)
I Am Bones – Godspeed, Suburbia (Mr Q Remix) (MP3)


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