Doin’ The Laundry…

My Laundry Life
, the one-man-indie-pop-band project from German André Daners, has already released a split-single (with Kevin McGrother) on the wonderful Cloudberry Records back in January this year, and now he announced his debut album for a March release. You shouldn’t miss this talented young man if you’re into sweet jangle-pop (or into sweet pop at all); the album will be released on Vollwert Records, and below is the opening song as a taster. Bring on summer!!!


1. Sons and guns
2. Like tomorrow
3. Out on the tiles
4. You feel loved
5. The harbour lights
6. Sunday..s best
7. Gravity is pulling hard
8. When your work is done
9. Sway
10. The routine
11. I..m screaming out

My Laundry Life – Sons And Guns (MP3)

Kevin McGrother – A Week Of Wednesdays (MP3)


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