A Good Or Bad Choice?

I usually don’t care much about the EuroVision Song Contest, but this year I’m pretty curious. Why, you ask? Well… because this year, one of my favourite Swiss bands, the Lovebugs, will represent our little country, and yesterday, they revealed the song they’ll be playing. It’s the title track from their rather great new album, The Highest Heights. Now while I think that competing in the Eurosong contest could be a very high risk as it follows its own rules and quality is not the main ingredient to win it, this could also be a great opportunity to leave a good impression and introduce a band to a wider audience. I’m not completely sure though if Eurosong followers are the desired target audience to reach, but somewhere deep down in my heart, I hope that the Lovebugs will do better than our last contestants (well, that goal is not that hard to reach as they either failed to reach the finals, or left with 0 points…).

Come May 12th, we’ll know more about this Moscow adventure; until then, you can hear The Highest Heights below (or on MySpace). I think it’s a strong and catchy song which should earn the Lovebugs a few compliments at least… what do you think?


The Highest Heights:


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