Lost In The Airstream

Southport-based indie-combo Gomez is readying their latest album A New Tide for a release in the first quarter of 2009 (that’s probably going to be March then…), and as a taster, they’ve offered a first single for free recently. Unfortunately, it looks like the promotion’s already finished, and Airstream Driver is now only available from iTunes and the likes (or just visit HypeMem…;) ). I planned to write about this earlier, but now it looks like time got the better of me…

Anyway… How We Operate was one of my favourite albums in 2006, so I’m really looking forward to A New Tide; especially when the rest of the songs turn out to be as great as Airstream Driver. Guess we’ll know soon!


Gomez – See The World (Live) (MP3, from How We Operate)
Gomez – How We Operate (MP3, from How We Operate)
Gomez – Get Myself Arrested (MP3, from Out West)

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