Quick Update On Degrees

Maybe you remember my post about Swedish Indiepop-band Degrees (if not, go here an re-read). Their songs really started to make their way deeper and deeper into my heart, and the good news is that they will release sort of an album on March 2nd. It will be a CD-R containing 10 songs (see track-list below), and it will be yours for only 5 Euros! The two brilliant songs Home and Run To The Music alone are worth the money, so I’ll suggest that you head over to the band’s MySpace and let them know you want one of those CD-Rs, or just write a mail to degreesmusic@gmail.com . Here are a few more tasters to convince you!


Degrees – Into The Action (MP3)
Degrees – Home (MP3)
Degrees – 180° (MP3)
Degrees – Gossip Girls (MP3)
Degrees – To Come Back Alive (MP3)


01. Machines/Mirrors.
02. Baby Oh Baby.
03. The Sleep I Need.
04. Run To The Music.
05. Home.
06. France Maybe Spain.
07. To Come Back Alive.
08. Into The Action.
09. Gossip Girls.
10. Laura.

Update 27.02.2009: the full album is now available on Last.FM: click here!


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