Nice And Easy Into The Weekend…

… like floating in a balloon. Which brings me to the Montgolfier Brothers (wow, what a poor transition… 😦 ). But of course I’m not talking about balloons; I just came across this UK 3-piece that picked the famous balloon-brothers’ name as their band-name. It was their beautiful song Journey’s End that spawned my interest at first. Listening to the song really reminds one of a weightless flight across the countryside… nice and easy does it!

The band has released three albums so far; 17 Stars and The World Is Flat are still available on Poptones, and the last one, All My Bad Thoughts, on NormanRecords. This one was released in 2005, and the latest news on the official homepage dates back to September 2006. So I don’t even know if the band still exists, but the three band members all have on-going side-projects; Roger Quigley is also recording as At Swim Two Birds, Mark Tranmer as Gnac, and Otto Smart as The Otto Show, which all sound pretty nice as well.

Below are a couple of songs; definitely check out Journey’s End, and if you’re hooked, click yourself through the whole Montgolfier universe!

The Montgolfier Brothers – Journey’s End (MP3)

Gnac – Find Out For Yourself (MP3)
Gnac – Icicle Forest (MP3)


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