Kimo Revisited

My blog-entry about Kimo seemed to attract a lot of readers, and as band-member/label-chief Rob Mayes stated, also generated quite a few hits towards failsafe Records. In the meantime, the album Surrender travelled from New Zealand to Switzerland, and my already high expectations were easily surpassed.

From start to end, Surrender creates a very compact feeling; the album’s flow is perfect, and you can’t help falling into those melancholic and emotional melodies. The songs blend perfectly, but nonetheless, you will have enough diversity to keep them apart. My personal favourite is the 6-minute-long Marzipan, which starts off slowly and leads to a gripping guitar solo that sticks from the very first notes. Simply perfect!

You can still download Discover Me and Evergreen on my older post here, but there will be more: in about two to three weeks, I will take down Discover Me and replace it with Keeper, which was a single release from Surrender in New Zealand. You will read it here when Keeper is available for download. In the meantime, here is the video for Watergate, and the song Summerlite, taken from the band’s debut album Loverbatim.

Kimo – Summerlite (MP3)


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