Free Recommendations

Last.FM constantly proves to be a good source for new music with all its recommendations, and other than on MySpace, the free downloads really work with no trouble at all. So I’ve scrolled through my FreeMP3-recommendation-list this week, and here are just a few of the worthy songs I’ve found.

Office – Double Penetrate The Market (MP3)
Cool indie-rock from Chicago
Jesper Lundager – Marshmallow Skies (MP3)
Shoegazing/Electronica from Denmark

The Search – We Fell Asleep In Each Other’s Arms And Never Woke Up Again (MP3)
Fine indie-pop from Sweden

Piano Magic – I Have Moved Into The Shadow (MP3)
Indie/Alternrock from London, England

Everybody Loves Irene – Rindu (MP3)
Trip-Hop from Indonesia

The Voyage – Kitten In The Snow (MP3)
More fine indie-pop from Sweden


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