Almost forgot…

but Morten’s post from today reminded me what I wanted to write about this week. You probably all know the SXSW-festival taking place each year in Austin, Texas. Just recently, the organisators released the first line-up, and I was positively surprised when I noticed that there will be three bands from Switzerland playing at this year’s edition of the festival. Most of all because one of these bands is Mañana, who delivered their excellent debut-album Interruptions last year (read more here). I really hope that the opportunity to play at SXSW will boost their career furthermore… they really deserve it!

The other two Swiss bands are Navel, an indie-rock-punk-combo, and Choo Choo, who mix 60s-Teen-Beat with today’s Garage Rock… quite an interesting mix. Find a couple of songs from all bands below (and I can’t stress this out enough: if you’ve missed Mañana‘s Miss Evening until now, you’ve definitely missed the best song from a Swiss indie band!).

Mañana – Miss Evening (MP3)
Mañana – Make A Tiger (MP3)

Navel – For A While (MP3)
Navel – Frozen Soul (MP3)

Choo Choo – I Ain’t Coming Home (No More) (MP3)
Choo Choo – Take It Easy (MP3)


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