This ‘N That

My Italo-Disco-Special that run on Radio-Schweden last Saturday was apparently a huge success (or so I was told). So we’ve decided to re-run it again this week. If you like to be transported back into those glorious 80s-Disco-times, tune in this Saturday at 9 pm MEZ!
And if you’ve missed it so far, my Denmark Special is on air tonight from 8 pm MEZ.

I’ve also tampered with the schedule on my radio Northern Lights. There’s now a different theme every night starting at 8 pm: Monday is Danish night, Tuesday we visit Sweden, Wednesday Norway, Thursday is Finland time, and Friday Iceland. These shows are repeated in reverse order each Saturday, starting from 7 am. I’ll change the playlists from time to time, so check back often.

If you have any suggestions for the playlists on Radio-Schweden or Northern Lights, let me know either here in the comments, or use the guestbook at the bottom of the station-site. I’m programming these stations for you, so it should be up to you to decide what you want to hear! 🙂

Someone suggested on my Albums-2008-post that I should listen to Department Of Eagles and Beach House, two bands I missed completely (obviously). And indeed, both those bands don’t sound too shabby. The sample songs they offer reveal lush and elegant singer/songwriter-driven tunes, and I guess I have to take a closer look at their albums.

Beach House – Master Of None
Beach House – Gilla (MP3)

Department Of Eagles – In Ear Park (MP3)
Department Of Eagles – No One Does It Like You (MP3)


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