Eskimos And Kiwis

I love New Zealand. I think it’s one of the most beautiful countries in the world with its magnificent scenery and the friendly people (and of course the millions of sheep!). During my last stay there in 2004, I’ve also bought some music magazines, and I guess it was there where I first read about Eskimo and stumbled upon their brilliant songs Arrow and Evergreen. But time flew by, and I forgot about them until recently, when Rob from the band left a comment on my blog.

Christchurch-based band Eskimo was formed around 2002, and their debut album Loverbatim was released in 2004. With many other bands with similar names popping up later, the band decided to change their name to Kimo, and has now just released the first album under the new name. Surrender is – unlike the more rock-orientated Loverbatim – more of a concept album with a softer approach to the songs. This is not least because of a hand-injury of guitarist Rob Mayes which in the end got the dirty rock out of the band’s system and resulted in a smoother and lusher production.

I haven’t received my copy of Surrender yet, but the songs currently playing on MySpace are intriguingly good. And since Rob shares my feelings about the new MySpace-player downloads (total crap!), he has allowed me to share a song from my own filehoster. So enjoy Discover Me from the new album, and as an extra, I’ve also added one of their first smash-hits, Evergreen. If you’re interested in ordering a CD, visit failsafe records. And for those collectors among you: there’s also a deluxe edition with extended artwork and info… guess which one I’ve ordered? 🙂

Kimo – Discover Me (MP3)
Kimo – Evergreen (MP3)


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