It’s Good To Be Curious

Here’s a band that I wanted to write about a long time ago, but never made it. German darkwave-goth-dance-band Curious has released their second album Arrhythmia last November, and their netlabel af-music offers some tracks for free.

Curious started in 1999 as a The Cure-coverband, but soon began writing and recording their own songs. I first heard of them when the song Thrill B showed up on the net a couple of years ago, and this one still gets my juices flowing. Their debut album The Intimate Stranger (download-link below) helped build a solid fan-base, and the new one should have added a few more people to this crowd. Danceable, 80s-wave-influenced rock and atmospheric, melancholic ballads is what you get, and I can only hope that I’ve made you curious enough now… go ahead and get an earful! There’s plenty to discover!

From Arrhythmia:
Curious – Days (MP3)
Curious – J. Mary (MP3)

From The Intimate Stranger:
Curious – Disaster (MP3)
Curious – Thought Of Angels (MP3)
Download the complete album from af-music here!

Curious – Resurrection (MP3)

also check the band’s Last.FM to find more free songs.


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