MySpace really hasn’t been that much fun for me lately… since they’ve changed the layout et all, I haven’t been able to download any free songs at all (at least not officially 😉 ). And sometimes the plug-ins don’t work properly, so that I can’t even listen to a song! Still, I haven’t found a better platform to connect to artists that easy, so I guess I’ll continue using it. I have a couple of friend requests in the queue, and I’ll work through them over the next few days/weeks; still, I’ll only promote bands that offer at least one free song to download (unless the band is really that good that you just have to hear it!). Let’s see what we have:

Here’s a first! A friend request from the Falkland Islands! Casador is an alternative/folk-act founded by one Alessandro Raina. He was born in Argentina and now lives in Italy, and has just released his first EP called The Puritans. There’s only two songs on the EP, but they’re absolutely beautiful. The guy is definitely very talented, and we should keep a close eye on his future!

Download the EP below, and if you want a limited edition with a bonus track, check his MySpace-profile.

Casador – Story Of Damocles (MP3)
Casador – The Puritans (MP3)


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