Back Again…

…and a happy 2009 to all of you. I had a fantastic time as you can see from the pics above. Now it’s back to work, not only in real life, but also on this blog of mine. I’m starting the new year with old stuff, but at the same time new stuff. Old-new stuff, then. Well, before I get even more cryptic, here’s what it’s about:

The Buffetlibre DJs is a project from Spain; these guys are not only interested in promising new bands, but also in the older classics. They have recently released their Rewind 08 session, on which new artists covered their favourite pop classics. So you get Au Revoir Simone covering ELO, Division Day covering Japan, or the brilliant take on Yazoo‘s Only You by Good Books. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg! Just check the homepage to find a ton of mixes and remixes, all available as free downloads. If this isn’t keeping you busy for a while, then I don’t know…!

Oh, and thanks go out to J.A. for this great find!

Good Books – Only You (Yazoo) (MP3)
Canadians – Neverending Story (Giorgio Moroder) (MP3)
The Botticellis – Here I Go Again (Whitesnake) (MP3)
Division Kent – Cry For Love (Iggy Pop) (MP3)


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