This ‘N That

I’ve started working on my Best-Of-2008-list. All in all I think it was quite a good year with a few really great releases, some surprises and – as always – some major disappointments. I hope to start with posting the list before Christmas… stay tuned!

Blogger has again taken down some of my posts; about 90% of them contained links to files that have already been removed from my filehosters, or are no longer available on the net. If I had some more time right now, I’d probably switch to a new host in the blink of an eye, but as it is, I just have to deal with that.
What I’ve decided though is that I won’t continue the Flashback Friday series for the time being because these posts were mainly affected by Blogger’s clean-up. It’s a shame really because I liked writing those, and the mixes I posted were mostly not available anywhere else anyway. Well… no use complaining any longer; Blogger’s in control, and I just have to accept their immature attitude towards us.

But on to better news: Eardrums Music will release another compilation next year. After the fabulous Summer and Autumn compilations, here’s something to really look forward to in 2009! Check the details here.

And some music to close this post. Here’s a great cover version from This Is Ivy League. They laid hands on Magnetic Field‘s song You And Me And The Moon, and as you’d expect, it has turned out as uplifting and catchy as the songs from their debut album (which you will definitely find in my best-of-list!).

This Is Ivy League – You And Me And The Moon (MP3)


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