Witches In The Snow

I was just walking home from work; everything was covered in white, and snow kept falling in my face. I was just turning a corner onto an open field when my mp3-player chose this song for me:

It was one of those moments when everything falls into places: fresh air, magical landscapes, and a perfect song at the perfect time… I just love it when that happens!

I have just discovered Get Well Soon recently, but it looks like I need to dive deeper into this music; their latest album Rest Now, Weary Head! You Will Get Well Soon is absolutely gorgeous. In fact, I really think that it could well make my top-list of 2008 as a late entry.

Check the band’s pages below where you can find lots of music to listen to. The first song below is from the album, and the other two songs are previously unreleased ones… you might recognize one of them! 🙂


Get Well Soon – If This Head Is Missing I Have Gone Hunting (MP3)
Get Well Soon – Stockhausen’s Dead (MP3)
Get Well Soon – it Must Have Been Love (MP3)


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