The Road To Kicksville

A bit of a lazy post, but when Andy from Shorefire presents a new band, he does it with such passion and enough information that one only needs to copy-and-paste… no need to re-invent the wheel, is there? Well, definitely check out the new single Surrender by Kicksville, and if it makes you lust for more, read on (there’s more music a bit further down the road!

Don’t let the bright synths deceive you; Kicksville‘s fifth digital single Surrender is a drum-n-bass driven, electro-pop ode to the havoc of consumerism, just in time for the holidays.

Kicksville – Surrender (MP3)

Listen to the rest of the digital singles on imeem:

According to Kicksville Commissioner Conrad St. Clair, the apparent contrast between the music and the dark subject matter is no coincidence. He admits: “We deliberately went into this wanting something that sounded happy… but was really about something bleak and miserable.”

This incongruence is accomplished with the help of first-time citizen Anna Purnell, whose luscious voice delivers sharp, unexpected lines like, “You sell me, you buy me… You say go buy / Lie down and dance!”

Andy Ewen, a nationally known illustrator (The New York Review of Books, The Progressive) who created the “cover” art for Kicksville‘s digital singles, also contributes musically, playing wah-wahed guitar over hot disco beats.

More information on Kicksville’s 13 digital-only singles:

Kicksville— musical collective, political movement and virtual community – follow up their recent full-length The Results of a Higher Mission (Ropeadope Digital) with a cavalcade of 13 digital-only singles they call Season 1. The season began November 10th with the release of Phatty, and will continue for 13 consecutive weeks; each single will be available for purchase from Ropeadope Digital.

Season 1 ranges from long-lost Kicksville originals to audacious covers of The Police, Willie Dixon, and Talking Heads. Each single includes a unique cover created by nationally recognized illustrator and Kicksville Citizen Andy Ewen.

Kicksville‘s Mayor, Mike Stehr (Bass, Vocals, Keys, Percussion) and Commissioner, Conrad St. Clair (Bass, Vocals, Keys, Percussion) curate a crack team of collaborators on these special releases. In classic Kicksville fashion, these singles showcase the collective’s improvisation, melodic sensibility, intriguing programming and bizarre sound effects “built for artistic insurrection” (

Additional details of each song and their contributors will be available in the coming weeks; Kicksville will have a dedicated page for liner notes and comments on Imeem.

Kicksville have raised eyebrows with The Results of a Higher Mission; these singles will turn heads.

Take the first step on the road to Kicksville. Here’s some more music:

from The Results of a Higher Mission:

Kicksville – Old Man John (MP3, featuring the words and voice of John Beecher)

See the video for Evil Demon Weed


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