Flashback Friday – Cleaning Out The Folders

I keep hanging on to my windows folder system for my MP3s although I manage them all through MediaMonkey. I also synchronize my Creative Zen player through MediaMonkey, and whenever I reach the storage limit of 60GB, I have to clean out some of the folders. I have one folder with music files that I get sent by artists, or from MySpace- and blogger friends, or downloaded from various sources; in short, this is the music I listen to for a few weeks, but doesn’t impress me that much or convince me to listen/buy more. But whenever I clean the folder, I stumble across some songs that would have deserved better. Here are a few of those songs from the past years:

Alcian Blue – 71705 (Live At Nancy Raygun) (MP3)

Curve – Turnaround (MP3)

Boat Club – Always Away (MP3)

Loto – Cuckoo Plan (MP3)

Placenta – Brittle Eyes (MP3)

The Svengalis – Runaway (MP3)

Arrive Alive – In My Mind All The Time (MP3)

All in all pretty good tracks that should probably have stayed in my news folder for much longer; but with the floods of music constantly coming my way, it’s pretty easy to overlook some potential future hits. Well, I guess I have to live with that… but as I always say: good music will find you in the end!

btw: I’ve had more blogger takedowns recently, so the PSB discography series will have to wait a bit more…

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