Sign Of Life…

Things have been rather sluggish here lately (here’s a new one… 😉 ); I haven’t had much time to listen to new stuff, and there are not too many new CDs that I think are worth writing about. The Killers‘ new one is a mixed bag, Polarkreis 18‘s Colour Of Snow hasn’t ignited as much as I hoped it would, and I have yet to discover the latest Marillion-double-CD. One record I’m really looking forward to get into is Rouge/Noir by Norwegiand band Washington; I’ve just found it in my mailbox today, and guessing from the few reviews I’ve read, it must be a difficult, but very rewarding affair. I can imagine that it could be a perfect soundtrack for the changing weather situation; the transformation from autumn to winter has definitely begun!

I’m gonna let you go with a couple of songs from Switzerland’s own Heidi Happy. The singer/songwriter has just released her new album called Flowers, Birds And Home; below are songs from her previous two records, and if you like what you hear, you can order the CDs on Little Jig Records. Oh, and if you like the three little animals up there and are still looking for Christmas wrapping paper, find the secret locker on Heidi’s homepage! 😉

From Back Together:

Heidi Happy – Bored (MP3)
Heidi Happy – Back Together (MP3)

From Heartache:

Heidi Happy – Ignore Me (MP3)
Heidi Happy – Together (MP3)


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