Flashback Friday – Third Time’s The Charm

Time was a bit scarce this week, so the next chapter in the Pet Shop Boys discography has to wait again. Instead, I’m once again crawling through those fine retro-blogs and post some classics for you. I even might make this a regular feature on Flashback Friday… what do you think?

Malcolm McLaren – Buffalo Gals (Chronovisor Mix)

From Chronovisor. Chronovisor does his own mixes, and since I always liked this song, I included it here. Yo, Buffalo Gals!

Human League – All I Ever Wanted (Cygnet Mix)

From Cygnet Committee. Another self-made-mix from a 2001 single.

Golden Earring – Twilight Zone (Original Long 12″ Version)

From BornAgain80s. This is such a cool tune; great to know that there’s also a pretty good Long Version!

Taco – Puttin’ On The Ritz (Extended Version)

From 80s Refugee Camp (use the Rapidshare-Link to download). Never heard this one in ages, so time to give it another spin!

Paul Young – Mixes Of The Common People

From Revolucion Retro. A collection of various remixes; Come Back And Stay, I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down, Love Of The Common People and many more.

Real Life – Like A Gun

From New Wave Tunes. This is the B-Side to their uber-hit Send Me An Angel. Plus you also get I Wish from 1985 in the same post!

Eurythmics – Missionary Man (3 Versions)

From Bcubsmusic. The album version, a Dance Mix and a live version from this 1987 song.

Genesis – Ripples

From Fervox. An odd choice to close this post. But I stumbled upon this song during my crawl, and as it is my absolute favourite from the early Genesis/Collins-era, I thought I post it here. Absolutely wonderful tune!!!

zShare remark: apparently, filehoster zShare seems to have a few problems lately. Some of the links don’t work properly and just bring you back to the initial site over and over again. I was able to download some of the songs when I tried later though… anyone knows more about this?

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