Perfect Pop

A soothing, lovely voice, a slightly melancholic melody and an uplifting chorus… ingredients for a song that will definitely catch my attention. Lots of Scandinavian bands are masters when it comes down to such songs, but as we all know, music knows no boundaries. So of course there are many bands outside Scandinavia that are also capable of writing perfect pop songs, and I only had to listen to New York-based band Gladshot for a few minutes to realize that they’re one of these bands.

The brains behind Gladshot, Debbie Andrews and Mike Blaxill, really have found a true musical partner in each other. Andrews started her career as a cast member of musical Hair, while Blaxill travelled between Nashville and New York before definitely settling in the Big Apple. They finally met in a songwriter’s community, and in 2003, the debut album Relic was released. Just one year later, Stand followed, and now, their third baby, Burn Up And Shine, just saw the light of day.

Imagine a happy version of the Walkabouts; or Roxette if they were indie. Andrews and Blaxill alternate the lead vocals on the latest album; while He Was Gone is a brilliant opportunity for Andrews‘ lovely voice to shine, Blaxill really hits bullseye on the catchy All I Want Is You. Of course they also sing together, and American Night is the perfect example how well these two work together. The 12 songs on Burn Up And Shine are diverse, interesting and instantly charming, and the album’s a real grower. If you’re looking for a collection of perfect pop songs, you should definitely check out Gladshot!

I was allowed to post 4 songs for one month, so you better grab them before they’re gone. And then visit CDBaby for details on how to get the album(s)!

Gladshot – He Was Gone (MP3)
Gladshot – All I Want Is You (MP3)
Gladshot – American Night (MP3)
Gladshot – 1961 (You Could Still Get Lost (MP3)


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