Prog Double

Vancouver artist Id Guinness does traditional ProgRock/Pop; a bit of Bowie here, a bit of Al Stewart there, but still maintaining a very contemporary touch. His debut album Cure For The Common Crush is regarded by many Canadian critics as the best underground album of 2007. And indeed, it is a very enjoyable affair. Definitely worth checking out!

Id Guinness – Rising River (MP3, from Ryan’s Smashing Life blog; check it for more songs!)
Id Guinness – Down To This (MP3, from Indie Launchpad blog, also worth checking out!)

Demians are a French band, and their prog is leaning more towards the industrial side. I’ve seen them opening recently for Anathema, but I have to admit that it left me rather cold. But I guess fans of Tool and the likes will propably find some interesting bits here. I can at least say that these guys know how to handle their instruments. Check out their latest album, Building An Empire, which got quite good reviews.

Demians – Sapphire (MP3)
Demians – Temple (MP3)


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