That Nada Surf concert last Friday. It was nothing but awesome! From the beginning to the end, one highlight after another. Even the songs I didn’t know found their way straight into my heart. The band really enjoyed the gig, too… it was easy to see that. The crowd was great, the location was great, and the support act (Underground Railroad) was probably great, too… I just caught the last few notes of their final song, but the applause was quite loud. Have to check their homepage soon…

Well, Nada Surf… really, this was probably the gig of the year. Charming, powerful, melancholic, funny… there was everything an indie-rock enthusiast could wish for. If there’s one thing that I could complain about it’s that they didn’t play Are You Lighning, my favourite song from Lucky. But that’s just a minor complaint, and not one that did any harm to this perfect evening.

The band’s still on the road, and you really should get there if you have the chance. Check the homepage for the next dates. Below are some of my crappy cellphone-shots, and as Nada Surf is really generous with offering their songs for free, I’ve listed all the ones I could find. Time again to discover/revisit this great band!

Nada Surf – See These Bones (MP3)
Nada Surf – Blankest Years (MP3)
Nada Surf – Inside Of Love (MP3)
Nada Surf – Do It Again (MP3)
Nada Surf – I Like What You Say (MP3)
Nada Surf – Blonde On Blonde (MP3)


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