Flashback Friday – Go And Get Them!

I’m a bit hesitant with posting songs after Blogger’s deleting actions this week (three posts have been removed so far…), so for this week, I’ve been crawling through some 80s blogs and collected links to some classic songs. Now do as the title says and Go And Get Them!

Howard Jones – New Song (New Version)
From RetroWonderland. Still the best one from Mr Jones!

Liza Minelli – Losing My Mind / Love Pains / Don’t Drop Bombs
Via Lost In The 80s. Three fine, Pet Shop Boys-produced singles.

PhD – I Won’t Let You Down
Via Popdose. Remember this one? One of the most successful 80s ballads.

Paul Young – Come Back And Stay (Extended Club Mix)
Via The Vinyl District. Excellent tune, after all these years. Whatever happened to the guy???

Chaka Khan – I Feel For You (Various Mixes)
Via RetroRemixes. Cool song… haven’t heard it in a while, but it still has the groove!

Styx – Mr Roboto (Extended)
Via Dance Disco Mix 80s. First cassette I’ve ever bought with my own money… and the first Japanese words I’ve learned! 🙂

MARRS – Pump Up The Volume (Various Mixes)
Via Discotrax 80s. Not much to add to this one… you must have been living under a rock if you missed that in the 80s!

The Cure – A Forest (12Inch)
Via The Sound OfThe Crowd. A classic song and a classy remix.

The Cars – Hello Again (Remix Version)
Via The Eighties Refugee Camp. I love love love this one! This remix is just fantastic!

Thompson Twins – You Take Me Up (High Plains Mixer)
Via Dance-History Corporation. Another great remix, released for the US market back then. Now enjoyable for the whole world.

Depeche Mode – 8 Razormaid Mixes
Via Altered Anthems. 8 rare mixes that should make every DM-fan happy!

And that’s it for now… you see, there’s still lots of blogs out there that keep the 80s fire burning. Good to see that lots of those gems are not lost in time!

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