Thoughts On Deleted Posts…

One of my posts got deleted by Blogger because it contained a link to a copyright protected song. In most of my posts, I try to post only songs that I was allowed to publish, or that are available on the net for free anyway. I haven’t uploaded the song from the deleted post myself, but pointed to a link I found on the net (and that link isn’t even working anymore!!!). So while I think that Blogger has every right to delete posts with copyrighted material, I don’t quite agree with the way they’re doing this. If they spend time to crawl through the blogs looking for such files (my post dated back to September 2006!), they should at least give the blogger a chance to edit their posts. I’m sure most of the serious bloggers would happily and quickly remove such files if they were asked to… rather than just losing a post with maybe a lengthy written article. There are tons of blogs out there that only post copyrighted music and nothing else (no information about the artists whatsoever), and although I’ve been using these downloads in the past for pre-listening purposes, too, I don’t really support this kind of blogging. I just wonder why one of my posts with only one song got deleted while there are other blogs containing only copyrighted albums that are still up and running day after day. Anyone got insights on Blogger’s deleting policy?

This all means that I will have to take a closer look on what music I’m posting. All the Flashback Friday posts for example contain mostly songs I’ve uploaded myself, but are hardly available anymore. And I’m deleting them after a few weeks. I probably continue posting these songs for now, but if I get another warning from Blogger, I won’t risk the complete shutdown of the blog. I guess I’ll just have to see what happens in the future… maybe the music industry will one day realize that the serious bloggers are not the enemy, but an opportunity to promote music… here’s to wishful thinking!


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