New Albums

So here’s what I’ve been listening to lately:

Travis – Ode To J. Smith
I really grew to like the latest outing from our favourite Scotsmen. The raw edge suits them well (again), and it was necessary. Another pop-album like The Invisible Band/Boy With No Name would have just been a bit bland, I think. So good to see the boys going back to their beginnings, but not forgetting how to write elegant and melodic songs!

Keane – Perfect Symmetry
The jury is still out on this one. The new album swings between slightly annoying and memorable poppy. I liked first single Spiralling at first, but in the meantime got quite bored with it. Lovers Are Losing on the other hand is a perfect popsong from Keane. And so it goes on with the rest of the album… some good, some bad. I will definitely need some more spins, but I think it’s safe to say that perfect symmetry this is not!

Choir Of Young Believers – This Is For The White In Your Eyes
The debut from this Danish band is definitely a grower! Needs time to get in to, but the reward is more than satisfying. Well-written, interesting pop-songs that transport a rather dark mood, but are beautiful at the same time. This could turn into a perfect autumn-album, and chances are good that you will see it pop up again by the end of the year in my lists…

kind of girl – Lonely In A Modern Way
We stay in Denmark for the next one. One of the most anticipated albums of the year for me, the debut from kind of girl really had high expectations to fulfill. I have to be honest and say that I’m a slight bit disappointed by the outcome. While the songwriting is (still) top-notch, I think the production itself turned out too polished and overblown. There’s electronica bits and bobs on every corner of the songs, and I get the feeling that even the otherwise lovely voice of singer Sissel has been “electryfied” on certain songs. If you’re familiar with the early demos of the songs, you’ll instantly recognize this. It still is a good album though, but I’d have wished for a less crowded, more intimate experience. The talent’s there, so I’ll definitely keep a close eye on the band in the future!

Moi Caprice – We Had Faces Then

Unlike blog-buddy Morten (who has come to senses in the meantime 🙂 ), I instantly liked the new Moi Caprice. The Danes once more deliver some high standard, melodic pop-songs that – like Choir Of Young Believers – will be a perfect soundtrack for this time of year. Definitely a winner!

There are also a few new songs that I grew to like… if I find time, I’ll add some of them later, if not, it will be done tomorrow! 🙂


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