Flashback Friday – I Hope It’s Going To Be Alright

Well… things don’t always go as planned, so I couldn’t put as much effort in this posting as I wanted to. But I’m not coming up with another excuse to postpone the Flashback Friday; this will be a rather short entry in the Pet Shop Boys Singles series though… most of the information is from Wikipedia, but at least I had enough time to dig out various mixes of It’s Alright. Here we go:

It’s Alright was the 13th single from the boys; it was released in June 1989. Lyrics-wise, the song centers around a wide variety of serious political issues from that time (like “Dictation enforced in Afghanistan, revolution in South Africa, etc.), but also offers the positivie message of the song title – that music is our life’s foundation, it shall last and ultimately succeed to bring the nations together. On the album version, the song ends with Neil Tennant constantly repeating “I hope it’s gonna be alright…” which gives the song a doubtful aftertone.

It’s Alright was originally written and performed by Sterling Void; the Pet Shop Boys discovered it on a house compilation. Sterling Void later did a remix of the PSB version (find it below). As Void‘s original version had only two verses, Neil Tennant added a third one for their version. The song was first released on the Introspective album, running for a bit over nine minutes. It reached the number 4 spot in the UK.

The B-sides, One Of The Crowd and Your Funny Uncle, are typical b-sides… nothing to dig in deeper. But the video to It’s Alright was a quite good one; shot entirely in black and white, and showing nothing but the Pet Shop Boys with… well, other boys. Check it below, and don’t miss the look of the baby in the last scene!!!

Pet Shop Boys – It’s Alright (10″ Version) (MP3)
Pet Shop Boys – It’s Alright (Extended Dance Mix) (MP3)
Pet Shop Boys – It’s Alright (Extended Disco Mix) (MP3)
Pet Shop Boys – It’s Alright (The Sterling Void Mix) (MP3)
Pet Shop Boys – It’s Alright (The Tyree Mix) (MP3)

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