I’m still way behind my MySpace-messages, so here’s just a quick run-through. I’m not mentioning every artist/band, because to be honest, not all of them are worth mentioning. No longer band explanations as well… one song at the most, and you have to find out more about them by yourselves if you dig what you hear. Life’s a bitch, isn’t it? 🙂

The Loomis Fargo Gang
Rock, Virgina Beach, USA
Alone (MP3)

Birthday Boys
Rock/Garage House/Soul, Ontario, Canada
Knockoff (MP3)

Padre Pio
Rock/Glam-Rock/Indie, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Common Day (M4A)

Kiki Pau
Indie/Swing/Flamenco, Helsinki, Finland
Weinerei (MP3)

The Valley Downs
Indie/Rock/Pop, Chicago, USA
Drama Queen (MP3)

fire Zuave
Alternative/Indie/Rock, West Palm Beach, USA
Starving Like A Pack Of Wolves (MP3)

That’s it for the friend requests/incoming messages. I’ll continue with bulletins and other stuff tomorrow.


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