Ordinary Friday

Once again, time was scarce this week, so instead of a Flashback Friday, here are just some random thoughts of this week:


Looking forward to a huuuuge new compilation from Eardrums Music. Knut will soon present 4 (!) CDs worth of wonderful Scandinavian sounds for absolutely free! Check his blog entry for more details. Bring ’em on, Knut! 🙂

OMFG… that new James Bond song is really really terrible! It’s even worse than the latest White Stripes record. Listen to the complete song here if you dare!

Terrible, isn’t it? Well, to get you back on the right track, head over to RetroWonderland for one of the best songs of the early 90ies!

If you haven’t heard it already: German Mew-A-Likes Polarkreis 18 are releasing their second album The Colour Of Snow on October 17th, and they are offering a new song for free. Visit this site, leave your e-mail, and download Prisoner (you can easily unsubscribe from the newsletter again if you like…). This one really hints at an epic album. And just in case you’ve missed it before: the fabulous Nephew Remix of Allein Allein is still available at Data Sapiens… don’t miss it!!!

I’m From Barcelona will be playing at a venue near me in two weeks… I’m still thinking about going or not. To be honest, I only know their first hit We’re From Barcelona and the new one Music Killed Me (available for free here), and both are not really songs I desperately love. So help me out here: is the band worth visiting? Any song recommendations that will convince me?

One concert I’ll definitely attend is the Figurines together with I Am Kloot. I can imagine that this will be a pretty special evening, as both bands are pretty special in my opinion. Well, you’ll read about it here after November 1st!

Figurines – The Wonder (MP3)
Figurines – Rivalry (MP3)
Figurines – Bright (MP3)

More concerts lined up for me:

23.10.08 Anathema (Angels Walk Among Us, MP3)
24.10.08 Nada Surf (Do It Again, MP3)
25.10.08 Live/Wire
31.10.08 Musical Box
01.11.08 Figurines/I Am Kloot

as always, hardly any good concerts during the year, but then everything together in two weeks!

Have you discovered Northern Lights yet?


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