MySpace? NoSpace

I’ve planned to go through my overflowing MySpace-messages and friend-requests today, but it seems that due to firewall restrictions, I can’t access a lot of the MySpace-features anymore… hell, I can’t even read the bulletins properly! So it looks like there’s no space today, and all of you who have contacted me on MySpace will have to be a bit more patient (again, I know… sorry!). So here’s just a quick message that I was able to get out of my mailbox.


Norwegian twee-folk pop-duo Jeremy has just released a new single called Silly Love Songs. Listen to it, and you will probably hum and tap along to it for the rest of the day. Temperatures here have dropped massive over the weekend, but this lovely tune brings back a bit of sunshine and warmth.

The debut album from Jeremy has also been released today in Norway and should shortly be available for international import as well. Just keep checking the band’s MySpace for more details. So here’s the song… let the sunshine in! 🙂

Jeremy – Silly Love Songs (MP3)


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