Hear An Angel Sing…

About 3 years ago, I first heard of US Singer/Songwriter Jeff Hanson; I think it was Hiding Behind The Moon, and I thought that this girl has a lovely voice. Well, it turned out that it was Hanson himself that sang the song, and all the other great ones like Welcome Here or Losing A Year as well. It also turned out that here’s a very talented singer / songwriter / multi-instrumentalist with a bright future ahead.

A few weeks ago, Hanson‘s third album, Madame Owl, was released with KillRockStars. While his angelic, falsetto voice sure is a matter of taste, his songwriting definitely is up there with the best again. He continues to show his talents on this new record, and although it is not that immediately catchy as its predecessor, the listener is rewarded with some great tunes if he/she is willing to invest some time.

Following are some tasters for you to discover Jeff Hanson. Check out his sites if you’re interested in more from this talented young guy!

Artist-site at KillRockStars

From Madame Owl, 2008:
Jeff Hanson – If Only I Knew (MP3)

From Jeff Hanson, 2005:
Jeff Hanson – This Time It Will (MP3)

From Son, 2003:
Jeff Hanson – Hiding Behind The Moon (MP3)
Jeff Hanson – Just Like Me (MP3)


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