New Stuff For Free

This will be a short overview of new songs that are now available for download on the net. No time for extensive comments, but I think all of them are worth an earful! Here we go:

Emerald Park – Istanbul (MP3)
Another nice one from this talented Swedes! Emerald Park @ MySpace

Eveline – s/t (MP3)
Italian Progressive/Alternative Rock… quite good! Eveline @ MySpace

Secret Machines – Dreaming Of Dreaming (MP3)
Finally some new music from the Machines… new album will follow October 14th. The Secret Machines @ MySpace

The Mission District – So Over You (MP3)
The Mission District – The Best Of You And Me (MP3)
Excellent new songs from the Canadian lads… don’t miss!!! The Mission District @ MySpace

Tower Of Foil – Everlasting (MP3)
More news from Sweden, this time a bit more mellow… but great nonetheless! Tower Of Foil @ MySpace

Metropol – 5:15 AM (Live) (MP3)
Metropol – Fat Sun (Live) (MP3)
From sunny Spain we get some excellent live tunes from Metropol. There’s more where these came from! Metropol @ MySpace

On Wave – Suck Me Seems To Be The Hardest Word (MP3)
The “Russian” version of an Elton John Classic… it sounds like they had fun recording this! On Wave @ MySpace


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