Hello Hello…

I’m not even going to start wailing about time again; instead, I’m just gonna post some stuff that’s been swirling around my mind for the last few weeks. Thanks to all the suppliers… you know who you are!!! 🙂


You probably already heard about Keane‘s new song that has been made available for free. If not, you can still get it here. It certainly is a step back into the 80s, but not a bad one in my humble opinion. Album is scheduled for later this year, and I’m quite curious how it will sound.

US Singer/Songwriter Jeff Hanson is just about to release his new album, Madam Owl. First single If Only I Knew is out now for you to have, and it’s a fine one indeed. Looking forward to the album, and you can stay tuned for the review!

Jeff Hanson – If Only I Knew (MP3)
Jeff Hanson – This Time It Will (MP3, from self-titled album)
Jeff Hanson – Hiding Behind The Moon (MP3, from Son)

R.I.P. Isaac Hayes

Everyone seems to like Mamma Mia The Movie, and I’ll probably watch it on DVD once it’s out. Yeah, I admit it… I always had a soft spot for ABBA. Which might be the reason that I really dig the songs from L.A.’s Music Go Music. Just listen to Light Of Love, and you’ll know why!

Music Go Music – Light Of Love (MP3)
Music Go Music – Reach Out (MP3)

Also on the Secretly Canadian label is The War On Drugs, and they offer us a free EP. Highly recommended stuff!

Barrel Of Batteries EP (ZIP)
The War On Drugs – Taking The Farm (MP3)

that’s it for the first batch, more might follow later!


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