More Catching Up…

I soldier on through the loads of mails, and here are a few sounds worth listening to. Old news maybe for frequent visitors of my blogroll, but these songs really deserve to be mentionned multiple times!

Analogue Consumption: Indie-pop with a hint of Electronica, from Hull, Great Britain. Free downloads at MySpace or here.

Analogue Consumption – Witchspace (MP3)
Analogue Consumption – Loss Of Sound (MP3)

Calexico will release a new album in September, and a first song has just been released on MySpace. I guess it won’t be in the league of Feast Of Wire (still my favourite), but I do hope that it will be better than the rather bleak Garden Ruin. Here’s the new song, and some oldies-goldies:

Calexico – Two Silver Trees (MP3)

Calexico – Stray (Live, 2001) (MP3)
Calexico – Across The Wire (Alternate Acoustic Version) (MP3)

New Adventures: very appealing indie-rock from the UK. You can get free songs by just leaving your details right here. If you’re using your own infos is up to you, but the songs are definitely worth listening to! If you don’t believe it, just check one of them below!

New Adventures – How I Got My Devil Back (Part One) (MP3)

Marillion‘s 15th (!) album, Happiness Is The Road, is just around the corner, and now they have once again taken another innovative route to promote the first single: everyone can download the song and create a video for it. You then have to upload it to YouTube to automatically enter a contest which gives you the chance to win £5000… not bad, ey? Read the complete contest rules on the microsite; you can also download the song for free there. Let me know when you’ve created a vid… I’ll post it here! 🙂

AltSpeak: Seattle indie/shoegaze outfit with BritPop-influences… highly recommended! Best of all: the whole debut album is available for free download! Fool if you don’t grab it!

AltSpeak – Let It Shine (MP3)
AltSpeak – Seven Shots (MP3)

get the rest on the official homepage!


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