Start Again…

I’m slowly getting back into regular posting, but I still have tons of mails and recommendations to go through. For a start, here are the latest recommendations from two very fine labels. I’ve taken the easy way and just posted the press release… 🙂

Friendly Fire has just released the debut album from the UK’s Windmill, entitled Puddle City Racing Lights. Windmill – a.k.a. pop troubador Matthew Thomas Dillon – has graced us with one of the loveliest, strangest, most heart-wrenching records of the year, a heady distillation of US indie (think Built To Spill, Guided By Voices, Mercury Rev and Flaming Lips), early ’70s melancholia and twisted folk-pop, all anchored by Dillon‘s warbling falsetto. The album is streaming in its entirety (for a limited time only!) on the Friendly Fire website. Check it out!

Windmill – Tokyo Moon (MP3)

Also from Friendly Fire: The Faunts have announced some live dates for the US. They’ll be playing songs from their debut album High Expectations/Low Results and their recent EP M4, not to mention some songs from their brand new album that’s in the works for later this year. Check out some tracks here:

Faunts – Instantly Loved (MP3)
Faunts – M4 (Part I) (MP3)
Faunts – Memories Of Places We’ve Never Been (MP3)

On to Tomt Recordings: We are thrilled to release The Greencoats and their Spring EP with four great
tracks, including Honey as free downloadable mp3. The exciting background of Ramo Spatalovic in Swedish class acts as Franke, Douglas Heart, Bolywool and Maison Blanche, has formed this solo project with his own lyrics and melodies.
The music is inspired by both My Bloody Valentinesque psychedelic shoegaze, 60’s British R’n’B, and dirty Detroit garage. On some tracks, Malin Dahlberg (Douglas Heart, We are soldiers we have guns, Laurel Music) does co-vocals to add another dimension of harmony. The confident band build a striking sound together.
This is how Ramo himself describes the founding of The Greencoats: “Under the influence of Jess Franco, Soledad Miranda & Jean Rollin I had the urge to compose fragments of those 60’s & 70’s movies I was inspired of. As time flew by & the lack of interest for my other projects The Greencoats finally got the spot in my heart it deserves.” Read more and download Honey:

The Greencoats – Honey (MP3)


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