Cool Cat Remixed

South African-born singer/songwriter Yoav has released his debut album Charmed & Strange earlier this year, and it has been a slow grower here. Might be the fact that I’m not the biggest dance/club regular (in fact, I can’t even remember when I visited a club for the last time!), so this kind of music naturally takes a bit longer to ignite. But it would be unfair to reduce Yoav‘s sound to just this label, as there is so much more to it. Hints of Jeff Buckley, maybe, or the quirkyness of Beck. I think Charmed & Strange sums it up quite well; the album might sound strange to some ears at first, but you’ll get more and more charmed the longer you listen to it. And after all, it’s a damn cool CD to cruise around in your car with the windows down!

I was sent three remixes today from Field Recordings, and I’m happily sharing those with you. The Modwheelmood remixes were done by Alessandro Cortini, who might be best known as a tour keyboardist for Nine Inch Nails. He has also been working with Ladytron on their latest album, Velocivero.

Yoav – Beautiful Lie (Modwheelmood Remix) (MP3)
Yoav – Adore Adore (Session Remix) (MP3)
Yoav – Adore Acore (Modwheelmood Remix) (MP3)


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