Damn Hot!

Yep, summer’s definitely here… I’m melting away here at the office! And it might be that my brain is a little bit affected by the heat as well… or it might be this music I was just listening to! Melodic, high-energy, romantic gameboy pop probably just isn’t the right thing for days like these! Well, who knows… maybe someone out there loves this stuff!

Covox is Thomas Söderlund from Sweden, has been creating sounds like these since 2003, and has already released an EP and an album which also got released in China and Japan… my bet is that they’ll like it over there! 🙂

OK, it definitely is too hot to write even more, so if you’re in the mood for a flashback to those good old Atari-days, check the sounds below!


Covox – Summer Fruit Dance Party
Covox – Leave Everything / Move On (MP3)
Covox – Lacking The Necessary Pose (MP3)


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