The Night Is Theirs

Been listening to the new Youth Group album, The Night Is Ours, for a few times now, and my, what a mighty fine album this is! Never have James… ahm, sorry… Youth Group sounded more Britpop-influenced than now! Singer Toby Martin has that special sad timbre in his voice which gives each song fragility, and sometimes you even get the sudden urge to give them a hug and let them know life’s not so bad at all (just listen to Dying At Your Own Party, and you’ll know what I mean!).

I would have wished for some more songs (there’s only 10), but then again, quality rules over quantity, and I can definitely subscribe to that with The Night Is Ours. And there’s still the repeat button…

If you’re not convinced yet, just head over to the band’s MySpace and listen to the complete album. If you don’t, you might miss one of the best offerings of this year!

From Casino Twilight Dogs:
Youth Group – Catching And Killing (MP3)
Youth Group – Dead Zoo (MP3)
Youth Group – Sorry (MP3)

From Skeleton Jar:
Youth Group – Skeleton Jar (MP3)
Youth Group – Shadowland (MP3)


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