Slow It Goes…

You’ve probably noticed that things have been going slow here for the last few days. The reason for that is a mixture of increasing workload, the (long-overdue) arrival of summer here in Switzerland (and therefore me spending more time outdoors), and a lack of really interesting news or music that I could write about. There are quite a few new albums that I have on high rotation (Coldplay, Sigur Rós, Elbow, etc.), but you probably know all about them by now, unless you have spent the last few weeks under a rock or so. I’ve also noticed that I’m not really in the mood for spending hours on the net looking for new and interesting music, but as I’ve had times like these before, I also know that it will pass. I can’t tell you when I’m gonna pick up the pace again, but I nonetheless hope that you’ll check back here. I don’t intend to give up blogging, so please stay tuned!

So my suggestion for now is that you check out Eardrums’ blog for their first Summer Compilation, due for a release tomorrow. The tracklist has already been posted, and it reads like a who-is-who of Scandinavian Indie-Pop. Highly recommended!!!


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