A Day At The Museum

No, I’m not having a day off, nor am I visiting any museum. For this visit, you don’t even have to leave the safety of your virtual world! This museum comes to you!

According to the band’s homepage, Hamburg-based Museum was rejected by every record label in Germany, but nonetheless is the world’s most listened-to unsigned band on Last.FM. I didn’t double-check those facts, but it seems indeed curious that no label has taken the bait yet. Good for us that the four guys don’t give up despite those circumstances and just keep making music. Oh yeah, the music. Museum is nestled somewhere inbetween indie and alternative rock, with a slice of post-rock in there, too. They are about to finish their debut album right now, and they have already released two EPs as well, both of them available for free from their homepage.

There are tons of unsigned bands out there in the music universe, and probably most of them deserve to be unsigned, but Museum is clearly not one of those. If the debut album will change their situation, remains to be seen, but it shouldn’t be a matter of talent… there’s lots of it to be found in this museum!


Museum – The Law (MP3)
Museum – For The Very First Time (MP3)
Museum – To Have Or To Be (MP3)

(thanks to lastuniform for this tipp!)


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