Work To Do…

Finally managed to clean up my blogroll on the left. It looks like Mars Needs Guitars and Noise For Toaster are definitely no more… guys, you will be missed! 😦 Also no longer available is the Sandwich Club from Down Under and Heart The Future. (If anyone has information on the whereabouts of these blogs, please let me know!).

The Mary Onettes – Lost (MP3)

New to the blogroll are Switching To The Vapour State (with the best question I’ve read in a long time: If Brant Björk married Björk, would she still be Björk, or would she be Björk Björk?) and What’s Wrong With The Mainstream. Also Lost In The 80’s and Wolf Lullaby have been added to the roll. So a big, hearty WELCOME to the new additions!

Vito – Welcome To The Lightning (MP3)

I’m way behind with updating the Hot Tracks list, and also Music From Denmark is in desperate need of an update. And then there still are lots of MySpace-friend-requests I should check out… I hope to get my head around these things very soon!

Arrive Alive – In My Mind All The Time (MP3)


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