This ‘N That

Danish ElectRockers Inspector Seven One have released two new songs. Get The Innocent and Flip The Coin here, and make sure you also check out the older songs on their homepage!

Inspector Seven One – The Innocent (MP3)
Inspector Seven One – Flip The Coin (MP3)

Fan-Tan is a Brooklyn-based alternrock outfit with some pretty cool songs up their sleeves. If contemporary indie-rock with some New Wave influences is your thing, you should check them out!

Fan-Tan – Fall Of Rome (MP3)
Fan-Tan – Damage (MP3)

Been listening to the new Coldplay album for a few times now, and I must say that I really like it! In fact, I can’t really make out one bad song on Viva La Vida… in a nutshell, it’s less stadion-rock, more details. Not in the Rush Of Blood-league though, but so much more interesting than X&Y. Well done, chaps!

Coldplay – Violet Hill (MP3)

Opium Flirt is a band from Estland, and while their fusion of folk, jazz and old/new pop music may not be everyone’s favourite, I quite like it. If you’re into atmospheric and melodic soundscapes, you should take the band’s offer and download their complete discography… for free! But don’t forget to say at least a Thank You, or consider buying some of their stuff! Here are the links and some tasters:
New album download (May 2008)
Discography download

Opium Flirt – Dub Triplet (MP3)
Opium Flirt – Ounakuu
Opium Flirt – Blissfully Yours

Oh, and stream the new Sigur Rós album here… it’s simply gorgeous!!!


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