Flashback Friday – Going Live

Once again, I haven’t had much time to prepare something for today’s Flashback Friday. So I decided to crawl through archive.org and bring you some live performances from artists I discovered during the last few years. If you enjoy what you here, check this list for complete concerts!

Angie Aparo – The American
(still one of the best male voices around!)

Ben Gibbard – I Will Follow You Into The Dark
(beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!)

Calexico – Quattro
(the one song that hooked me to the band)

The Frames – Falling Slowly
(recent oscar winner… wonderful song!)

Damien Rice – Cannonball
(I like the accoustic version so much more than the radio edit!)

Gomez – See The World
(brings back some nice memories of my last Canada holiday)

Fastball – Don’t Give Up On Me
(probably the last song I’ve heard from them… still a beauty!)

Toad The Wet Sprocket – Crowing
(remember the Toad? This is one of my all-time-favourite-songs!)

The Walkabouts – The Light Will Stay On
(another favourite one… once they get started! 🙂 )

Death Cab For Cutie – Transatlantism
(the uber-song from DCFC… instant classic!!!)

David Gray – Ain’t No Love
(not Babylon, not Dead In The Water… no, this one is the best Gray-song!)


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