This ‘N That

Once again, the ever-productive Stars In Coma from Sweden has released a new song, and as (mostly) always, it’s completely free. Get his summer gift, the double-single Ignore List / It Won’t Always Be The Same, and if you’re not familiar with the project yet, check out the other stuff as well!

Stars In Coma – Ignore List / It Won’t Always Be The Same (ZIP-File)
Stars In Coma – Borderline (MP3)
Stars In Coma – The Sun Burns Crimson Bright (MP3)
Stars In Coma – Drifting Nights In Moonshine Heights (MP3)
(find more songs on the official homepage)

We stay in Sweden, where our favourite label Labrador has just released the Sound Of Arrows-remix of that great new Club 8 tune, Jesus Walk With Me. Grab it now!

Club 8 – Jesus Walk With Me (Sound Of Arrows Remix) (MP3)
Sound Of Arrows – Danger! (MP3)

If you’re in London around June 10th, here’s something you could do in the evening: visit the Pastry Club and treat yourself to some Danish Delights! There will be Murder, there will be a Katastrophy, and chances are good that you’ll also meet a tiger! Well, just check the flyer, will you? 🙂

Marybell Katastrophy – Hidden Agenda (MP3)

More later…


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