Quick Tipp

Who? Parker Lewis

Wait… I know him! No, it’s not that 90s TV series!!!

Who is it then? Wish I knew… all I know is that the guy’s from Sweden, and has a soft spot for Italy

So how does it sound? Perfectly catchy lo-fi-pop with electronic elements

Any releases? Yes, various EP’s. Check the discography on madforit.se

I want to listen to Parker Lewis now! No problem; check the music below, and download more songs at madforit.se… all for free!

And what does MOTM think about it? Parker Lewis is easily one of the best discoveries I’ve made this year… definitely don’t miss it!!! (and thanks to Stephen for pointing me in the right direction!)

Parker Lewis – Carousel (MP3)

Parker Lewis – Wasting Time (MP3)

Parker Lewis – Save My Heart (MP3)

Parker Lewis – Dirty Dancing (MP3)

Parker Lewis – Risky Dancing (By Alvy Singer) (MP3)

Parker Lewis @ madforit.se


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