Start Your Engines

Another week starts, and what better way to dive into it than with a few free songs. Swedish label Songs I Wish wants to bring us summer-feelings with Moto Boy and offers What It Was Like To Be With You for free. Here you go:

Moto Boy – What It Was Like To Be With You (MP3)

Moto Boy on Songs I Wish

I’m just listening to the new Fleet Foxes album, and it looks like this could be the Trials Of Van Occupanther of 2008! Very relaxed and catchy Alt/Country/Indie… definitely worth checking out!!!

Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal (MP3)

Fleet Foxes @ MySpace

The Lodger‘s latest album Life Is Sweet has just been released, and while I have yet to be convinced if it is as good as the debut, the band is so generous to offer us a song from it. Reviews have been mixed, but as always, it probably is best to decide for yourself. Here’s a little help:

The Lodger – A Hero’s Welcome (MP3 via noisedeluxe)

The Lodger @ MySpace

More might follow later… or not! 🙂

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