Accoustic Monday

Just received a MySpace-friend-request from German label aaahh-records; a quick look at their homepage, and I was ready to accept the request.

The label has just released their first ever record; it’s by Canadian duo The Wind Whistles. Tom and Liza, the band members, hail from Vancouver, and have been playing their acoustic songs together since 2006. In 2007, they’ve released the debut album Window Sills for the first time, and have since then been trying to spread it around as much as possible. This year, they’ve decided to re-release the 12-track-album once again, this time under a Creative Commons License. And this is where aaahh-records came in; the whole album is now available for free via their homepage, or you can actually buy a physical copy as well.

If you’re into bands like The Decemberists, Moldy Peaches or Violent Femmes, chances are good that you’ll like the music of The Wind Whistles as well. Please check out the fine songs below, and head over to aaahh-records for downloads and more infos! I’m looking forward to more releases!

The Wind Whistles – Communication’s Dead (MP3)
The Wind Whistles – Devil’s Cauldron


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